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Top 10 Food Safety Tech Companies in Europe - 2020

Appropriate intake of food and beverage plays a pivotal role in both physical and mental well-being. For something so vital, we are sometimes left with little knowledge about the food we eat and the repercussions. New stringent food safety regulations, the globalisation of food supply and the availability of advanced technology need to come into play when it comes to food safety. However, as the world’s population increases by the day, it is becoming evident that we need to change how food is produced to be able to feed the world with an eco-friendly approach. On the contrary, failing to implement an effective food safety protocol can lead to contaminated products entering the food chain. Once the defective product has been discovered, food businesses are subject to dramatic disruptions in their operations as they manage and assume the cost for product recalls. Generally speaking, food safety standards are designed to facilitate compliance with food safety laws in major markets, simplifying the process of receiving approval from foreign governmental regulators. Today, it has again become a way to reimagine food in order to make it healthier and more sustainable. The Food and Beverages Tech Review editorial team presents you—Top 10 Food Safety Tech and Services Companies in Europe 2020, that are making such dreams a reality.

    Top Food Safety Tech Companies in Europe

  • The company specialises in delivering wireless, fully calibrated, and affordable real-time temperature monitoring solutions for both transport and storage of temperature-sensitive products. To ensure that the temperature of the food being transported never ventures outside of acceptable thresholds, the company has developed NFC and RFID-enabled systems. The solutions allow to track the temperature of products during the whole journey of the specific shipment and can be even integrated into isothermal boxes to determine inside and outside temperatures. The users can also monitor the entire temperature profile, and in case of temperature excursions, they receive real-time alerts via emails and SMS to take necessary corrective measures. The complete measurement data is then automatically uploaded to a secure cloud-based database that can be accessed via an online web portal for proof of delivery

  • Etheclo, Food Safety Tech solution provider, develops reusable passive cooling box, named Etheclobox, which guarantees the cold chain for food, healthcare, and pharma, without need for a separate cold infrastructure and fleet. Depending on the clients' requirements, Etheclo offers Etheclobox in two versions—standard cool box and the lowered cool box. Both versions of cool boxes can keep the temperature-sensitive items safe for up to 36 hours. The only difference between the two is their capacity, while the standard one is ideal for the shipment of 30 litres products; the lowered cool box is suitable for the delivery of 18 litres products.

  • The company offers a disruptive suite of software solutions to improve consumer confidence by providing the capability to track and trace food products throughout the product supply chain. Through its ground-breaking suite of solutions, the company creates unique, secure, and encrypted identification codes, which are physically marked on each product during the manufacturing process and then monitored throughout the supply chain. Notably, INEXTO uses ultra-secure encryption method based on proven methodologies such as HMAC to assure greater authenticity of product information. This unique serialised identification extends to each level of packaging for enabling end-to-end traceability and transparency. Moreover, the unique code of each product is linked with all essential information like expiration date, ingredients, allergens, carbon dioxide emissions due to transportation, and halal certifications. Consumers can access this information via INEXTO’s smartphone application, which enhances both the purchase experience and the brand’s direct relationship with the consumer.

  • Micreos is pioneering antibacterial products that target only the unwanted bacteria while preserving the beneficial ones. By leveraging the phage technology, which employs the natural enemy of bacteria against it—bacteriophages, Micreos has developed several FDA and USDA approved food safety products under the brand PhageGuard against dangerous bacteria in the food chain including Listeria, Salmonella, and E.coli. PhageGuard products target only deadly pathogenic bacteria, unlike antibiotics and chemical interventions and preservatives. PhageGuard provides a 'green' alternative to antibiotics in the food chain, reducing the risk of transfer of multi-resistant bacteria from animals to humans. At the same time, PhageGuard products are easy to apply via a dip or spray.

  • NEOGEN offers a broad portfolio of easy-to-use and affordable solutions that enable food safety firms to detect, eliminate contamination and safer food to consumers around the world. The company develops and offers a comprehensive range of solutions and services for the food processing such as dehydrated culture media, and diagnostic test kits to detect food-borne contaminants such as bacteria, natural toxins, allergens, drug residues

  • Safeaty, a promising food safety management technology provider, has been successfully revolutionising the food manufacturing industry and the interaction with the Governmental control. Safeaty has developed a state-of-the-art Safeaty Check Management (SCM) system that helps food manufacturing organisations to create and manage food safety plans.As a centralised food safety management system, Safeaty allows organisations to handle multiple production sites simultaneously in real-time by displaying planned and completed activities or non-conformities, all through a single dashboard.By deploying SCM, food manufacturing companies can reduce the risk of foodborne illness and increase the company’s reputation, especially towards Official Controls.

  • SATO is a leading global provider of Auto-ID solutions that connect people, goods and information. It serves a diverse range of customers delivering end-to-end solutions that streamline operations, empower workforces and help customers reduce their environmental impact.

  • SIM Supply Chain is a supply chain company, which is at the forefront of offering highly motivated expertise and software solutions that help Food & Beverage (F&B) organizations obtain data they can trust, report and act upon. The Holland-based firm has been into the mapping and visualizing of consumer goods supply chains for over ten years. It currently offers customizable cloud-based IT solutions that enable companies to store all of their supply chain data in one place and keep it up to date. Founded in 2008, the company has been relentlessly focused on mapping the entire supply chain from the retail store until the primary production.

  • tsenso is a company that is revolutionising the quality and freshness monitoring in the food supply chain. The company equips its clients with FreshIndex—a food quality and safety information system that evaluates the current characteristics of food and predicts the remaining shelf-life, depending on the storage and handling conditions. FreshIndex focuses on fresh products, such as dairy, meat, and fish, wherein the growth of pathogens or their toxins is the main concern. FreshIndex also asses the microbiological spoilage of food based on correct measured data and gives quantitative insight into food quality and freshness, down to the individual product unit

  • Kersia


    Kersia is a global leader in biosecurity and food safety with value added products and solutions to prevent diseases or contamination in both animal and humans at every stage of the food supply chain :For Food processing industry addressing mainly milk transformers, meat-producers and ready-meal producers.; For Farming essentially on the dairy segment (udder hygiene products, milking machines products, etc.) and more recently on the pig & poultry segment as well as on the animal feed dietary/complements products, and aerial surface disinfection. Also, for Healthcare providing emergency water purification in disaster zones and surface disinfection in hospitals

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